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Tommy Bridges and John Fugh, Jr discuss Richard Foster's book "The Celebration of Discipline." This podcast is recorded at St. Paul Untied Methodist Church in Columbus, GA. Growing the Faith of People (

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 14: Staying the Course (Guest: Shane Green)

    Hosts: Tommy Bridges and John Fugh, Jr. Guest: Rev. Dr. Shane Green In This Episode: The purpose of the disciplines are centered around liberation and freedom from the stifling slavery to self and fear. The Christian maturation process is spiritual growth, and disciplines are a means to that end. We ...


  2. Episode 13: The Discipline of Celebration

    Hosts: Tommy Bridges and John Fugh, Jr Celebration and joy comes when we let God redeem our ordinary life. Quote from C. S. Lewis: “Good things as well as bad, you know, are caught by a kind of infection. If you want to get warm you must stand near ...


  3. Episode 12: The Discipline of Guidance

    Hosts: Tommy Bridges and John Fugh, Jr. In This Episode: God’s guidance is not just recognizing the voice of God. It is obeying it, too. Be encouraged to move from hearing God to obeying God. We are spiritual beings created for a relationship with our Creator. Embrace ...


  4. Episode 11: The Discipline of Worship

    Hosts: Tommy Bridges and John Fugh, Jr. In This Episode: Do you have a little God or a big God? If your view of God is little, then worship to you will always fall to the margins of your life. Scripture does not give us the option for worship ...


  5. Episode 10: The Discipline of Confession

    HOSTS: Tommy Bridges and John Fugh, Jr. IN THIS EPISODE: At some point in our lives, the cycle of retaliation has to end. The Discipline of Confession is the first step to stopping this vicious cycle. Confession not only makes room for others in our lives, but it also ...